Club Mykonos Langebaan Home Owners Association

The Club Mykonos Langebaan Home Owners Association is the controlling body of Club Mykonos. Every owner within Club Mykonos has dual membership in the particular ownership structure where their property is located and in the mother Home Owners Association.

The CMLHOA has a few main functions as follows:

The Provision Of Normal Services:

As Club Mykonos was developed as a private development it was required to provide all its own internal reticulation to sustain whatever infrastructure was developed on the property. Accordingly, the normal service levy, which each owner pays is used to fund the maintenance of electrical, sewage, water, telephone, television and internet reticulation and the maintenance of roads, common gardens, parking areas, and administrative buildings

The Provision Of Use Services:

In order to provide a single standard of hospitality services to members and their guests visiting Club Mykonos, the resort was structured giving the CMLHOA exclusive right to provide services to their members on the resort.

These services include housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, gardening, refuse removal, security, health & leisure, entertainment, front office, reservations and guest services, and any other hospitality service required by guests.

Managing Agent:

The CMLHOA also has the right to manage all entities within the resort and provides the managing agent service to numerous entities within the resort.

Administration & Management:

These various functions are all managed separately through a single administrative structure located at the resort above the main reception building.

Board of Directors:

An annual general meeting of members is held once a year where members can elect four of the eight seats on the board of directors. The remaining four seats are appointed by the developer. The current board of directors is:

Developer Appointed

1. Arnold Shapiro (Chairman)

2. Jac Vos

3. Clive Van Groeningen

4. Arthur Winkler


1. Stuart Lamont

2. Carol Wright

3. Tony Hazel

4. Weston Dickson

Should you wish to contact the board of this Association, you may do so through the managing agent on the following details:

General Manager:   Jon Kilroe-Smith

Tel:                             +27 022 707 7737