Athenian Cascades Body Corporate

The Athenian Cascades Body Corporate consists of 97 residential sectional title units and 1 commercial section.  These units are located on the South side of the resort adjacent to Hobie Beach with views overlooking either a breathtaking cascading pool area or the indigenous a garden and children’s play area.

This Body Corporate is responsible for maintaining its own common property falling within its own property.

Board of Trustees:

There is an annual general member meeting once a year where members elect their own board of trustees  to oversee the management of their Body Corporate.

The following members constitute the current board of trustees:

  1. Paul Frost (Chairman)
  2. Arnold Shapiro
  3.  Zaid Coenraad
  4. Eugene Avontuur

Should you wish to contact the board of this Body Corporate, you may do so through the managing agent on the following details:

General Manager:   Jon Kilroe-Smith

Tel:                             +27 022 707 7737