Aegean Heights Home Owners Association

The Aegean Heights Home Owners Association consists of 41 freehold stands which can be designed and built to each owner’s particular taste based on an aesthetics manual complimented with a contractor’s code of conduct for new construction projects.

The main function of the association is to preserve the integrity of the aesthetics and to pursue the common interest of its members.

Board of Trustees:

There is an annual general member meeting once a year where members elect their own board of trustees  to oversee the management of their Home Owners Association.

The following members constitute the current board of trustees:

  1. Ben Van Heerden (Chairman)
  2. Arnold Shapiro
  3. Jac Vos
  4. Melanie Mouton
  5. Jasper Smit

Should you wish to contact the board of this Association, you may do so through the managing agent on the following details:

General Manager:   Jon Kilroe-Smith

Tel:                             +27 022 707 7737


The property which comprises the Aegean Heights Home Owners Association is marked in blue on the property layout below.

Should you wish to build please refer to the building guidelines.